Summer Reading Challenge

Summer Reading Challenge
Posted on 05/18/2021

AECHS Book Challenge 

Staff and students of Akron Early College, we are creating a challenge for each student and staff member to read lots of books this summer.  Imagine if all of our students read 10 books this summer, your reading ability would increase exponentially. You only get faster by running, you only get stronger by working out and you only become a better reader by reading.  There is no short cut to improving your ACT score other than spending more time reading. 


Below are links to books you may be interested in.  Of course you can read other books outside of these lists as well.    The only requirement is that the book needs to be at least 200 pages in length.


                                                   AECHS Summer Reading



All students who compete the challenge will have their names entered in a raffle to win a  $25 Amazon Gift Card.


Choose 10 books to read and then in the Fall of 2021 we will meet to discuss your favorite book from the reading.  Below is a link  to help you keep a record of the titles you have read.  A parent signature is required to confirm that you actually read the books.   Reading Log Sheet

To be successful in college, our students need to read and decipher textbooks that are complicated.  To improve your reading scores, you need to read.  Spending time this summer reading books is a college readiness activity to best prepare you for improving your reading ability.   

Enjoy your summer by escaping into the fantasies described from the variety of authors to you choose to read.  


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